“Love Me,” by Collin Raye – 40 Days of Country – Day #26 – Lent 2016

“Love Me,” by Collin Raye
40 Days of Country – Day #26 – Lent 2016

It would have been easy to leave Collin Raye off this list. He was certainly tremendously successful in the late 80’s and 90’s, but he never quite reached the level of some of his more popular contemporaries. But here’s the thing…Collin Raye, the first concert I ever attended, is my absolute favorite singer of all time, so if I’m doing a list of the best country songs of all time, I’m going to include Collin Raye. His 1991 hit, “Love Me,” is not only one of my favorite songs of all time, it is also a song I sang for my dad on his 50th birthday, a song I sang for my grandparents at my dad’s restaurant and sports bar, and the song I danced with my mom to at my wedding. Needless to say, this song has had a significant impact on my life.

By January of 1992, “Love Me,” had become Collin Raye’s first Number One single, and essentially served as the formula for a career of sentimental, romantic ballads and love songs. The song tells the tale of a child discovering a love note between his grandparents, in which his grandfather explains, “”Boy, you might not understand, but a long, long time ago, Grandma’s daddy didn’t like me none, but I loved your Grandma so.” This was always meaningful to me, because my grandfather had to fight to earn the love of my grandmother, then my dad had to earn the approval of my grandparents to marry my mom, and it took five years of my wife and I having no interest in each other whatsoever before God revealed other plans.

In fact, the Bible is filled with love stories that should have and would have never happened if it weren’t for God’s surprising grace. In Genesis 29:27, after serving his uncle seven years, Laban made Jacob serve another, “seven years,” to earn the hand of Rachel in marriage, a sacrifice Jacob was more than willing to name, because, according to Genesis 29:18, “18 Jacob loved Rachel. And he said, “I will serve you seven years for your younger daughter Rachel.” Finding the love that will last a lifetime in marriage is not always the easiest task, but if your are so inclined, I can attest based on my own marriage, it is one of the greatest decision you will ever make.

Lord of Love, for those who are searching, help them find a love they can commit their lives to. For those who do not feel a need for love in their life, help them find love in their activities and pursuits. And for those of us who have committed our lives to another, may we love our spouse (or partner) with a love from you that will never fail. Amen.


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