LENT DEVOTIONAL 2015 – 40 DAYS OF CLASSIC ROCK – #5 – “Let It Be” – The Beatles

LENT DEVOTIONAL 2015 – 40 DAYS OF CLASSIC ROCK – #5 – “Let It Be” – The Beatles
by Pastor Kyle Durbin, Centenary UMC

Depending on musical preferences, “Let It Be,” is probably either your favorite or least favorite song by the Beatles. The statement is true for the members of the Beatles as well, with Paul McCartney writing the song that would go on to be their best selling single of all time, and John Lennon always deplored the song, essentially calling it a “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” knock-off that McCartney may as well have written for Wings. Unsurprisingly, McCartney left the band after the song’s release, and has continued to play it at solo concerts ever since.

While many attribute the lyrics to the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, of the Christian faith, McCartney claims the lyrics were written for his mother. However, “let it be,” is a clear reference to the Annunciation of Jesus birth to Mary, where she replies to the angel, Gabriel, in Luke 1:38, “Then Mary said, “I am the Lord’s servant. Let it be with me just as you have said.” This submissiveness to the Lord’s will, whatever it entails, has become one of Mary’s most recognized traits. However, McCartney sings, “whisper words of wisdom, let it be,” which conjures Old Testament themes more than those of the Nativity. Proverbs 4:5-6 encourages readers, “Get wisdom; get understanding. Don’t forget and don’t turn away from my words. Don’t abandon her, and she will guard you. Love her, and she will protect you.” Whether it’s saying a prayer while reflecting on “Mother Mary,” or digging through scripture for, “wisdom,” and “understanding,” the faithful will always benefit from committed, spiritual disciplines that bring us comfort, and bring us closer to God.

Divine Giver of Wisdom, never abandon us. Keep us close. Keep us safe. Whisper gently into our ears, bringing us understanding of your ways, so that we can commit our lives to your will. Amen.


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