LENT DEVOTIONAL 2015 – 40 DAYS OF CLASSIC ROCK – #31 – “The Boys Are Back In Town” – Thin Lizzy

LENT DEVOTIONAL 2015 – 40 DAYS OF CLASSIC ROCK – #31 – “The Boys Are Back In Town” – Thin Lizzy
by Pastor Kyle Durbin, Centenary UMC

In 1976, the Irish rock band, Thin Lizzy, released their biggest single to date, “The Boys Are Back In Town,” and the song has been played at European futbol and rugby matches ever since. Despite the iconic refrain, the song is best known critically for it’s “twin guitar lead,” played by Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson (who would go on to play with the heavy metal band, Motorhead).

“Guess who just got back today?” asks vocalist Phil Lynott to kick off Thin Lizzy’s rock anthem. The song continues to be part reminiscent, part homecoming welcome, culminating in the title lines, “The boys are back in town.” Returning home is a common theme in the Bible as well. In the Old Testament, the Jews who were forced into exile by the Babylonians longed for a return to the promised land. In the New Testament, we experience the return of Christ, and also wait with anticipation for our return to the glory of God in heaven. As Isaiah 55:11 reads, “Then let those ransomed by the Lord return and come to Zion with singing and with everlasting joy upon their heads. Let happiness and joy overwhelm them; let grief and groaning flee.”

Precious Lord, we know that our time on earth is temporary, and that our true, eternal home, is in your Kingdom surrounded by your eternal presence. Grant us divine assistance as we continue on our journey towards our everlasting home. Amen.


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