2014 Lenten Devotional – “40 Days of Disney” – Day 33

Song #9 – “You’ll Be In My Heart” – Tarzan

While in the movie, it is Tarzan’s ape-mother, Kala, who sings “You’ll Be In My Heart” to her newly discovered and adopted son as a lullaby, most remember the Phil Collins rendition of the song, and for good reason, as it was this version that took home an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Grammy Award in 2000.  The song is not only a ballad of comfort, but a proclamation of commitment to a loved one.

The lyrics begin with the line, “Come stop your crying, it’ll be alright.”  The writers of scripture have long echoed this sentiment.  In Isaiah 35:10, the prophet writes of a time when, “grief and groaning will flee away,” (CEB).  Meanwhile, in the John’s Revelation 21:4, Jesus is seen returning to earth to “wipe every tear from their eye,” (CEB).  In both these apocalyptic visions of the Old and New Testaments, readers are not warned of a coming destruction as some have been conditioned to expect, but instead, offered words of strength and comfort from a loving God who desires nothing more than to heal our broken world so that there is “no mourning, crying, or pain anymore,” (Revelation 21:4, CEB) and offer instead, “everlasting joy,” (Isaiah 35:10, CEB).

Caring Consoler, there a days in our lives when, despite our best efforts, the tears come and the crying can not be held back.  Constantly remind us that, “Weeping may stay all night, but by morning, joy,” (Psalm 30:5, CEB).  We know you are always here for us and we praise you for your healing touch on our hearts and in our lives.  Amen.


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