2014 Lenten Devotional – “40 Days of Disney” – Day 31

Song #10 – “What’s This” – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Technically released under their Touchstone Pictures affiliate for fear that the film would be too dark for children, Disney has since fully endorsed and taken claim to 1993’s lucrative gamble that was Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas.”   Unlike other animated movies in the Disney cannon, the story of Jack Skellington, a well to do Halloween character who stumbles upon the joys of Christmas Town, is a completely stop motion feature.

In Danny Elfman’s eerily fascinating, “What’s This,” Jack Skellington, who lives in a land of ghouls, witches, and monsters, unexpectedly finds himself in Christmas Town, where, “the nightmare’s can’t be found,” and “absolutely no one’s dead.”  Jack Skellington is left with a decision: leave Halloween Town to stay in his new found heaven, or try to bring some elements of Christmas Town back home with him.  He opts for the latter, in a decision that is still crucial to the focal point of the Christian life today.  Do we focus only on our ultimate evacuation of earth in favor of heaven, or, instead, do we try to bring some elements of heaven to earth here and now so that everyone can enjoy a taste of its splendor.  After all, it was Jesus himself who prayed, “Bring in your kingdom, that your will is done on earth [now] as it’s [already] done in heaven,” (Matthew 6:10, CEB).

Heavenly Savior, we rest in the assurance that we have a future filled with the hope of returning to your glory.  Guide us by your Spirit so that we commit ourselves, by our words and actions, to the assurance that all people also share in the experience of heaven, now, here on earth, and into eternity.  Amen.


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