2014 Lenten Devotional – “40 Days of Disney” – Day 30

Song #11 – “He Lives In You” – The Lion King 2

In the only sequel that made it into this countdown, “He Lives In You,” from “The Lion King 2,” tells the central message Rafiki explained to Simba concerning his relationship with his father, Mufasa, in “The Lion King” and was featured heavily in the broadway version of the original film.  While the first movie may have been loosely based on Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” it is hard to deny the theological undertones in the lyrics of this song, which are possibly the most Christian lyrics found in the entire Disney collection.

This is one of those songs where quoting scripture almost isn’t even necessary.  God amazingly reveals Godself through these lyrics in a remarkably perfect way, despite no evangelical intention from the songwriter.  Just consider Jesus when you hear these words.  “He lives in you.  He lives in me.  He watches over everything we see.  Into the water, into the truth.  In your reflection, He lives in you.”  These lyrics tell us of Jesus being alive inside us, and in the reflection of all who were created in God’s image.  The water imagery alludes to baptism as a means of grace and understanding, as well as how the gift of the Holy Spirit reconciles us to God.  As Paul says in Galatians 2:20, “Christ lives in me,” and “He lives in you,” too.

Reconciling Christ, we praise you for entering our hearts and reconciling us to the glory of God.  Awaken our hearts, by the power of your Holy Spirit, so that by our words and actions, when people look at us, they see your reflection.  Amen.


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