2014 Lenten Devotional – “40 Days Of Disney” – Day 19

Song #22 – “Hakuna Matata – The Lion King

Not everyone knows that Disney’s “The Lion King” was modeled after Shakespeare’s, “Hamlet.”  This makes Scar – Claudius, Simba – Hamlet, and Timon and Pumba, the lovable meerkat and warthog – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.  In the movie, Hamlet’s…I mean, Simba’s two pals steal the show not only with their comedy, but their feel good Elton John hit, “Hakuna Matata,” which of course, means, “No Worries.”

Simba is an anxious wreck, having just abandoned his responsibilities as heir to the thrown and run away from his home and family, and believing he was responsible for his father’s death.  His worries and concerns are real.  Timon and Punba’s song doesn’t avoid those problems, they just try to put things in a different perspective with their “problem free philosophy.”  Paul offers similar advice in his letter to the Philippians when he explains, “Don’t be anxious about anything; rather, bring up all of your requests to God in your prayers and petitions, along with giving thanks.  Then the peace of God that exceeds all understanding will keep your hearts and minds safe in Christ Jesus,” (4:6-7, CEB).  Faith in God won’t make all of our problems disappear, but it certainly can help with the anxiety they bring, after all, as Paul says in another letter, to the Romans, “If God is for us, who is against us?” (12:31, CEB).

Merciful God, it is easy for us to be consumed with the daily worries of life and the anxieties that test our faith and rob us of any serenity.  Remind us to offer these concerns over to you, so that your Spirit can fill us with your peace.  Amen.


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