2014 Lenten Devotional – “40 Days Of Disney” – Day 18

Song #23 – “I See The Light” – Tangled

Disney’s “Tangled” does irony pretty well.  Much of the drama revolves around a royal crown that is token by Flynn Rider, and then, in turn, stolen by Rapunzel, who uses it as leverage to convince him to take her to “see the lights,” that are released every night on her birthday.  Little does she know, those lights are for her. Little does he know, that crown belongs to her.  And little do they both know, that they are slowly falling in love.

The song, “I See The Light,” captures the realization of this irony perfectly with words like, “never even knowing just how blind I’ve been,” and, “suddenly I see.”  As a matter of fact, this devotional could just as easily be on the song “Amazing Grace,” but that’s only true because so much of scripture deals with the transformation from dark blindness to seeing light.  In the first chapter of John, we learn that the light was “coming into the world,” and that the, “light shines in the darkness,” even when, “the world didn’t recognize the light,” (CEB).  Of course, nine chapters later Jesus declares, “I am the light of the world,” (John 9:5).  In truth, without Christ we are all in some form of darkness, but we have a promise that, “I will make the blind walk a road they don’t know…I will make darkness before them into light and rough places into level ground…I won’t abandon them,” (Isaiah 42:16).

God of light, shine in our hearts so that we can see that path you have chosen for us, and bear witness to your light of grace and love for all who still walk on rough ground.  Amen.


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