2014 Lenten Devotional – “40 Days Of Disney” – Day 17

Song #24 – “Under The Sea” – The Little Mermaid

Aside from the typical “princess in love,” fairytale Disney became famous for in the 90’s, at its heart, “The Little Mermaid” tells the story of a princess conflicted between remaining at home where she is safe and comfortable, or risking it all to live in a world of her dreams, not fully knowing the consequences that decision may bring.  It may not be a “Tale of Two Cities,” but there is certainly a tension between two worlds.

Enter Sebastian, the good-humored crab trying to keep everyone safe and happy (and do his job).  When he learns that Arielle desires to trade ocean life for life on land with Prince Eric (to whom she has sung, but not yet spoken a word), he gathers his band to perform a show-stopping number for the princess highlighting the joys of sea life, explaining, “up on the shore they work all day.”  Despite the rules and demands of palace life, Sebastian believes Ariel has it better back home.  Moses met with similar conflict on his march to the promised land.  In the same way Arielle realized life on land wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies, the Israelites complained to Moses in Exodus 14:12, “It would have been better for us to work for the Egyptians than to die in the desert,” (CEB).  The Israelites didn’t understand that sometimes, God’s blessings don’t always make life easier.  Sometimes, they even require a little bit of work on our end.

Heavenly Savior, we praise you for your faithfulness.  Give us courage to embrace the life you’ve chosen for us, even when your blessings feel more like struggles, knowing you’ve promised us a life of hope and grace.  Amen.


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