2014 Lenten Devotional – “40 Days Of Disney” – Day 16

Song #25 – “Be Our Guest” – Beauty And The Beast

Not only was “Beauty and the Beast,” one of the most renowned Disney films of all time, it was also the first musical in the original Disney Broadway trilogy, also featuring “The Lion King,” and “Aida,” both with music written by Elton John.  Meanwhile, “Beauty and the Beast,” with original music written by the acclaimed duo of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, showcased it’s own collection of unforgettable songs.

“Be Our Guest” became the undeniable showstopper of both the film and the stage musical, complete with a singing candelabra, dancing silverware, and “flatware entertaining.”  In the song, the occupants of the enchanted castle try their best to show hospitality to an unwelcome feeling Belle, perfectly modeling one of the cornerstones of the Judeo-Christian religion.  In Genesis 18: 6-8, when Abraham is visited by three strangers, look how he responds; “So Abraham hurried…and said, “Hurry! Knead three seahs of the finest flour and make some baked goods!” Abraham ran to the cattle, took a healthy young calf, and gave it to a young servant, who prepared it quickly. Then Abraham took butter, milk, and the calf that had been prepared [and] put the food in front of them…” (CEB).  Meanwhile, Christ is constantly in table fellowship not only with his disciples, but with the sinners and outcasts of society.  As Christians, our responsibility is to constantly be agents of God’s welcome to any and all people we come across, sometimes with words, sometimes with food!

God of hospitality, teach us to open our doors wider, and to set more places at our table, so that all may feel your welcoming embrace, and be nourished by your bread and water of life.  Amen.


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