2014 Lenten Devotional – “40 Days Of Disney” – Day 15

Song #26 – “You Can Fly” – Peter Pan

in 1953, Walt Disney Studios adapted J.M. Barrie’s beloved children’s musical, “Peter Pan,” into an animated feature which has proven to be one of the most enduring additions to the franchise, with spin-off’s including the live-action sequel, “Hook,” and the children’s cartoon, “Jake and the Never Land Pirates.”  Revolving around the title character, the story centers arounds embracing the joys of youth and believing in fairy tales, two concepts that appear equally present in Christian thought (to particular extents).

In the song, “You Can Fly,” a choral ensemble sings about how, with “a little bit of faith, trust, and pixie dust,” the young Wendy and her siblings can fly through the sky, following the “second star to the left,” straight on to Neverland, as they, “leave this world behind.”  A similar scene plays out in the Bible, after Jesus has been resurrected from the dead and spent 40 more days in ministry on earth, he “ascends,” to heaven.  Christian artists throughout history have literally painted pictures of Jesus “flying” up to heaven, saying in John 16: 28, “I left the Father and came into the world. I tell you again: I am leaving the world and returning to the Father,” (CEB).  Just like Peter Pan, Jesus flies off to “Neverland,” the only difference; instead of returning to take us to “Neverland” with him, Jesus promises to bring heaven to earth with him at his triumphant return.

Eternal Christ, we have experienced your coming and going, but we live with the knowledge that you never leave us.  While our world may be absent of fairy dust, give us the faith and trust to hope in your victorious return, when we experience your kingdom here and now.  Amen.


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