Disney “101 Dalmations,” introduced audiences to a Disney villain so diabolical, she earned an entire song named after her which has become synonymous with the film to this day.  Almost every line in the song, “Cruella De Vil,” offers a character study of the sinister schemes of the the wicked fashionista.  Children and parents alike are warned to “beware,” of the “evil,” “spider waiting for a kill,” that needs to be “locked up.”

As if her name isn’t informative enough, the song tell’s us, “Cruella is the devil.”  Readers of the Bible are well aware of another devilish character, appearing as a serpent in Eden, “ha satan,” or “the advocate,” in much of the Old Testament, and Satan in the Gospels.  Historical critics warn us not to lump these characters together too quickly, but people remain fascinated with the devil, and it doesn’t take long to find evidence of evil in our world today.  Yet, we can rejoice knowing that our Savior resisted the temptations of Satan in the wilderness, and at the cross of Christ, the powers of evil and death were defeated by the resurrected Christ.  As followers of a risen Lord, we are called to continue being that light that breaks through the darkness, fulfilling the hope of Paul in Romans 16: 20; “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet,” (CEB)

Victorious Christ, we live in a world where there often feels like there is more darkness than light, more despair than hope.  We rejoice in your power over the devil, whether that be the evils of this world or our personal devils, whom we need not fear because you reign in us.  Shine in us so that the world might have hope through you.  Amen.



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