2014 Lenten Devotional – “40 Days Of Disney” – Day Two

Song #39 – “When Will My Life Begin” – from Tangled

The opening song of 2010’s computer-animated fantasy, “Tangled,” based loosely on the Brother’s Grimm fable, “Rapunzel,” immediately alerted viewers of Disney’s intent to return to the animated musical, and was certainly a breath of fresh air for fans longing for movies similar to those of Disney’s Golden Renaissance of the 90’s.  This song is an anthem for all people, young and old, who have grown bored and tired of the monotonous routines of life and yearn for something more fulfilling.  Our heroine juggles “chores,” with creativity as best as anyone could under her circumstances, including “laundry,” “mopping,” “[sweeping] ’til the floor’s all clean,” and then, “[sweeping] again,” on top of “painting,” “puzzles,” “ballet,” “chess,” and “guitar,” to name of few.  Come to think of it, I’d imagine some of us might have it worse, with little time for fun given our daily demands and busy schedules.

Amidst this hectic chaos comes the voice of Christ answering Rapunzel’s choral question, “When will my life begin?”  In John 10:10, Jesus tells us, “I came that they might have life – indeed, so that they might have life to the fullest.”  Jesus doesn’t want us to settle for mediocrity.  Each and every one of us were created in the image of a great and awesome God, and with that comes potential beyond our wildest dreams.

Creative God, as so many of us grow anxious, searching for meaning and purpose while balancing the demands of our lives, may we hear the voice of Jesus encouraging us towards a life of abundance.  Motivate us through your Spirit to live our lives in a fashion that is worthy of the image in which we were created.  Amen.


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